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US powerhouse Citigroup takes retail banking exit from China, India and Australia

Citigroup will focus on wealth management in India and China after exiting retail. Image Credit: Agency New York: Citigroup Inc.’s plan to exit its retail business in China and India underscores the frustrating battle for market share international banks face in two of Asia’s largest economies despite plowing in billions of dollars over the past […]

Goldman: Bullish On Marcus, Reserved On Crypto

Share Tweet Share Share Share Email Turns out that triple-digit stock market growth isn’t reserved for GameStop. Working in an unprecedented environment of SPAC hype, crypto-mania and retail trading explosions, Goldman Sachs posted record first-quarter profits and earnings Wednesday (April 14), keeping its old-school investment practices front and center, but leaving plenty of room for […]

Interview: Escaping The Cloud With Bitcoin Sign Guy

Christian Langalis, aka Bitcoin Sign Guy, joined the “Bitcoin Magazine Podcast” to discuss his latest work with Urbit. Watch This Episode On YouTube Listen To This Episode: This week for the “Bitcoin Magazine Podcast,” host Christian Keroles sat down with the legendary Christian Langalis (aka Bitcoin Sign Guy). The two Christians opened up the podcast […]

Day of Coinbase’s trading debut saw most crypto speculation in history

Yesterday saw more crypto speculation than any other day in history. By the numbers: Coinbase, the stock, had $30 billion of trading activity on Wednesday alone. That’s more than all the cryptocurrency that Coinbase, the company, trades in a week. Other crypto assets surged. Bitcoin and ethereum both hit new highs yesterday, dogecoin spiked, and […]

Robinhood Has Restored Crypto Trading After ‘Major Outage’

Bloomberg Coinbase Hits $100 Billion Then Slips in Landmark Crypto Listing (Bloomberg) — Cryptocurrency exchange Coinbase Global Inc. soared above a $112 billion valuation in its trading debut Wednesday, then slipped back below its opening price as Bitcoin fell from record highs and tech stocks fell across the board.The massive valuation, which dwarfs more traditional […]

A Case For Buying More Bitcoin — A Letter To Ruby

Having seen $1.5k grow to $100k, it’s time to double down and invest in my daughter’s financial future with conviction. Originally posted on  Ruby Rose and I, Melbourne, January 2021 This article was inspired by a letter I wrote in January 2021 to my 6-month-old daughter, Ruby Rose. I am sharing this publicly in […]

Brevan Howard’s Main Hedge Fund to Start Buying Cryptocurrencies

(Bloomberg) — Brevan Howard Asset Management is preparing to start investing in digital assets, becoming the latest money manager looking to exploit the boom in cryptocurrencies. The firm led by Aron Landy will begin by investing up to 1.5% of its $5.6 billion main hedge fund in digital assets, according to a person with knowledge […]

U.S. should study ways to offset wealth impact of systemic racism

Bloomberg Citi Flexes SPAC Muscles for a Record Profit Under New CEO (Bloomberg) — Citigroup Inc.’s equities desks, undersized among Wall Street’s giants, are proving strong enough to lift the firm to a record quarterly profit just as a new chief executive officer takes the helm.The bank reaped the most revenue from stock trading in […]

QIWI Announces Final Dividend for the full year 2020

Bloomberg AMC Theaters CEO Says Stock Is ‘Under Attack’ From Short Sellers (Bloomberg) — The chief executive officer of AMC Entertainment Holdings Inc. said the movie-theater chain is once again “under attack” from short sellers after skirting bankruptcy during the Covid-19 pandemic.The volume of short sales — bets that the stock will go down — […]

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