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Gates Foundation gives millions to help persuade ultra-wealthy donors to give more of their billions

Bill and Melinda Gates at the University of Washington in 2017. (GeekWire Photo / Kevin Lisota) In a time of global pandemic, economic crisis and rising unemployment, the Gates Foundation’s most surprising philanthropic target is a group often overlooked by donors: billionaires themselves. In October 2020, The Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation gave $5 million […]

Chainlink’s LINK Cryptocurrency Hits New Record Price High

TipRanks Top Cannabis Analysts Share Why They Are Bullish on These 2 Stocks Joe Biden has been inaugurated as the 46th President, just two weeks after the Democrats locked down control of the Senate with wins in both Georgia Senatorial runoff elections. These events give the Dems control of both Houses of Congress and the […]

ONEPLUS BAND: Staying active has never been easier

In other words, a perfect blend of powerful hardware and intelligent algorithms helps you learn how well your body absorbs oxygen. COVID has brought the importance of physical and mental fitness to the forefront of people’s consciousness. Whether that’s finally quitting a smoking habit, exercising more, or talking to someone about depression, there’s an increased […]

The 3 Worst Ways to Invest in Bitcoin

Despite a tumultuous 2020, one investment stood head and shoulders above all others: bitcoin. The largest cryptocurrency in the world by market cap has more than quadrupled in value over the trailing-12-month period through Jan. 17. It’s up a cool 9,310% over the trailing five years. Bitcoin blows pretty much all other equity investments out […]

Russia’s Anti-Putin Protests Will Increase Tensions Between It and America

When Donald Trump became president, he vowed to transform U.S. Russia policy, and he did. He refused to characterize the United States as morally superior to Russia. He spoke admiringly of Vladimir Putin. As in other parts of the world, Trump eschewed democracy promotion in Russia—most effectively by placing the democratic bona fides of the […]

Ethereum Takes Bitcoin’s Proof-of-Concept to the Next Level

InvestorPlace – Stock Market News, Stock Advice & Trading Tips All eyes are on cryptocurrencies and for a darn good reason. Last year, I made a friendly wager with my InvestorPlace colleague Louis Navellier, which we called the “Race to 40K.” I bet him that Bitcoin would reach that lofty threshold before the Dow Jones did. […]

Financial Advisors Share Their Predictions for 2021

The emergence of COVID-19 turned 2020 into an unprecedented year, leading to significant changes in the way we live and work. As 2021 gets underway, some of those trends are likely to continue, reshaping everything from the way we do business to the financial landscape.  To put some of these trends in perspective, we asked […]

Progressives Are Seething Over Biden’s Likely Pick for Banking Regulator

“Black, Brown and Native communities are often the first victims of predatory banking and financing,” Vasudha Desikan, the Action Center’s political director, said in a statement emailed to journalists on Thursday. “We need a longtime advocate for racial and economic justice, like Mehrsa Baradaran, who understands this and can close the deepening racial wealth gap.” […]

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