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Sector Select…Academic (6)Broadcast (10)Charity/NGO (4)Communications (9)Magazines (18)Newspapers (25)Newswires (14)Online (45)Public relations (2)Public sector (4)Research (12) Job category Select…broadcast journalists (8)copywriters (9)editorial assistants / trainees (7)editors and management (28)features (37)freelance (13)new media (34)news (39)production and sub-editors (10)proofreaders (4)public relations (5)section editors (18)social media (40)specialist writers (28) Location Select…United Kingdom (51)  England (43)    Avon (2)      Bristol (2)    Buckinghamshire […]

What opportunities for freelance creatives are emerging from Covid-19? :: Freelance UK

Before I delve into answering this seminal question, it’s important to stress that we are aware of the challenges that the coronavirus pandemic has foisted on millions of freelancers, and self-employed workers — many of whom have fallen between the cracks of the government’s support for over a year, writes Paul Farrer, founder of digital […]

World’s Most Beautiful Travel Destinations for Freelance Photographers – Film Daily

Rare are the people who would say no to travel. Visiting other countries and getting to know different cultures while resting and having fun is an activity we all love from the bottom of our hearts. Also, there’s one more activity closely related to traveling that this social media obsession imposed on us — photography. […]

How to Find Freelance Developers for Your Business?

Having an in-house team is great! But sometimes, it is just not enough. Your business might come up with extra projects or have an experimental mobile app idea out of nowhere without having enough developers to complete it. For these times, the best decision is to outsource your development project to an experienced freelancer. But […]

Museums do not exist in somebody’s basement

Breadcrumb Trail Links Opinion Column Author of the article: Karen Aberle Publishing date: Apr 14, 2021  •  27 minutes ago  •  5 minute read  •  Join the conversation Karen Aberle/Heritage for the Times jpg, WK Article content A couple weeks ago I was asked about the headline “‘A museum in somebody’s basement’: items from Alberta’s Stan […]

e-JAM Provides Full-Time, Contract, and Freelance Talent Out of Jamaica

FORT LAUDERDALE, Fla., April 15, 2021 /PRNewswire/ — e-JAM Group, a leader in international recruitment specializing in unskilled and skilled labor out of Jamaica West Indies, has launched a do-it-yourself online job portal.  With offices in Ocho Rios, Jamaica and Fort Lauderdale, they recruit and source talent for full-time, contract, outsourcing, and freelance opportunities. These talented […]

German music’s public support: How opera is surviving the pandemic

To some, opera may be an elitist relic predating youth-oriented pop culture. In the United States, opera attendance has been declining for years. But if you’re a schoolchild in Berlin, you might hear Mozart’s arias by grade 8 and study musical composition by grade 9. Nearly half of German preteens play an instrument.  With a […]

Become A Successful Freelancer With This Complete 13 Course Bootcamp

Partner content by StackCommerce Freelancing is arguably the future: research shows that wages and participation in the gig economy increased by a staggering 33% last year, while 70% of those workers also say that having a better work-life balance is why they chose to freelance. More money, freedom, and a better lifestyle sounds like the […]

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