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Best Fortune Teller Online for Fortune Telling By Psychic-Experts.Com

NEW YORK, Feb. 28, 2021 /PRNewswire/ — Fortune Teller Near Me: How to Find the Best Fortune Teller Online for Fortune Telling Available in Your City according to Psychic Experts latest reports.     Psychic-experts is a portal that aims to provide the most accurate and honest fortune telling reading to its users. The company leads […]

Post-90s generation in China becomes a major force in capital market

Photo: IC From “large gains” to “heavy losses,” a good number of young Chinese investors who are jumping on the bandwagon of public equity fund investment have experienced a roller-coaster of a ride over the past few months. Since last year, public equity fund investment became sought after and widely known due to major stock […]

How to protect yourself from common job search scams

A new FlexJobs survey reveals 14 of the most common–and successful–job-search scams. Here’s how to identify them and not become a victim. Image: iStock/Melpomenem Many remote workers, notably those who made the transition last year at the start of the pandemic, are at a higher risk of becoming a potential target of scammers. A year […]

Dropbox vs. Google Drive: Which is better?

Brian Boyer  |  Columnist Dropbox was one of the first online file sharing repositories. Unlike competitors like or Microsoft which have grabbed big enterprise accounts, Dropbox has kept a significant customer base among individuals and small businesses. However, Google Drive has muscled in quite a bit into the individual and small business market. I […]

The Best Online Brokers for 2021: The Rise of the Individual Investor and Fintech Apps

The past year has been extraordinary by any measure. The stock market experienced whipsawing volatility and rising prices. The Covid-19 lockdowns, zero-interest rates, stimulus checks, lack of sports, and apparently sheer boredom fed a supercharged bull run. And the year saw unprecedented growth in new accounts from individual investors at the full-service online brokerage platforms […]

Are GTA Online’s Contact Missions a good way to make money and RP in 2021?

GTA Online can get pretty chaotic and overwhelming as players often find themselves locked in Freemode battle or spoilt for choice in terms of activities. Beginners might feel overwhelmed at the sight of the copious icons on the map. Moreover, the phone calls from all sorts of characters add to that confusion. Therefore, trying to […]

Women fight for funding in man’s world of tech startups

SAN FRANCISCO: Lauren Foundos has excelled at just about everything she has put her mind to, from college sports and Wall Street trading to her Forte startup that takes workouts online. Being a woman in the overwhelmingly male world of venture capital was still a barrier – but, like many other female entrepreneurs, she only worked harder […]

Clubhouse is new the social network Elon Musk joined. Here are its plans

Clubhouse, the buzzy audio-only social app, is looking at ways to monetize the platform for its creators, CEO Paul Davison told CNBC on Monday. After debuting last year, Clubhouse is now valued around $1 billion and hosts more than 2 million users. The premise is relatively simple, since there’s no video, pictures or text-based chat […]

Healthcare assistant at the QEQM hospital in Margate takes on RISE challenge to raise money for East Kent Hospitals Trust

A healthcare assistant has set herself a fitness challenge to raise money for iPads, toys and care packages for patients facing stays in hospital throughout the pandemic. Gemma Jordan has been working in the Sea Bathing Ward at the Queen Elizabeth The Queen Mother Hospital (QEQM) in Margate for two years. Gemma works at the […]

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