Finalto secures David Hastings as Data Sales Manager

His proven success in identifying and nurturing new business opportunities to grow with existing and new clients has led Finalto to hire him on a full-time basis.

Finalto, formerly known as Tradetech, has appointed David Hastings as Data Sales Manager, where he will be providing market-leading FX and Metals data to Financial Institutions who are looking for a competitive edge, client intelligence, benchmarking, TCA and Trade Surveillance.

The firm caters to investment banks, corporate banks, hedge funds, and global markets institutions across foreign exchange, global transaction services, private banking, and wealth management.

David Hastings was already collaborating with Finalto since 2019 as a Market Data Consultant under his own consultancy firm whispers FXsolutions, which he opened ten years ago.

At his consultancy, he offered a full spectrum of advice encompassing FX execution to SME’s and Corporates, expert witness engagements, Fx Trade Surveillance, implementation of e-commerce strategy, investment acquisition, and fundraising strategies.

He also assisted companies with obtaining FCA authorization and advised on compliance and regulatory requirements. His career includes helping startups achieving end to end technical solutions and speaking engagements with Universities.

His expertise includes electronic trading systems, financial liquidity design and distribution, prime brokerage, white-label product development, back-office operations, leadership, mentoring, management, STP and post-trade reporting, remediation, and governance.

His proven success in identifying and nurturing new business opportunities to grow with existing and new clients has led Finalto to hire him on a full-time basis.

Finalto is the financial division of Playtech PLC, offering multi-channel trading software, systems, and liquidity services which are offered in a B2B capacity to its global partner network.

The firm helps retail brokers to license its proprietary trading platform, CRM software, back-office, and business-intelligence systems, and use its exclusive liquidity technology for multi-asset execution, prime brokerage services, liquidity, and trading tools.

Finalto has already over 600 clients, from more than 80 countries, spanning retail brokers, banks, hedge funds, professional traders, and asset managers, enjoying the firm’s liquidity, proprietary technology, and in-house analytics.

The company’s B2C offering goes under the banner,, where investors can trade share, index, currency, and commodity CFDs with zero commission or fees.

CFH has recently changed its name to Finalto, in line with TradeTech Group’s rebranding.

In March, Finalto appointed Angelo Martino as VP Institutional Sales, where he will act as a liaison for some of the world’s foremost hedge funds, trading houses, and other institutions.

Mr. Martino brings over a decade of experience providing best-in-class liquidity, risk management solutions and technology for a range of international clients with a focus on Forex.

Prior to joining Finalto, Angelo was Head of Sales at having started out at Bloomberg as a Fixed Income Analyst and also serving as Senior Sales at OANDA (with particular focus on Italian and French-speaking territories, covering Italy, France, Switzerland, and Benelux countries).

From liquidity, trading and tech for businesses like hedge funds, brokers and all types of financial institutions, to trading and investments for professional and retail clients Finalto has the scale and the expertise to give you total access to every part of the world’s markets.

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Finalto secures David Hastings as Data Sales Manager

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