Here’s how Brandon Rangel battled bankruptcy and rose to success

Sometimes, going down is the opportunity to look up. If you have started or owned a business, you would know that some business challenges shake the very foundation of your enterprise. It does not mean that you give up in the face of these challenges. They are intended to sharpen your problem solving skills. You will need to think outside of your comfort zone and get your hands into work. Brandon Rangel once owned a nationwide Trucking company. He bounced back from bankruptcy to his current level of success which he found in Forex and e-Commerce.

For a business owner, you must always be innovating and looking for solutions. You have to be aware of your operations, systems, and team members to ensure everything is running smoothly. You can’t sit back comfortably because that’s when it all will fall down.  You may lose your employees, business, and end up out of business.  It is crucial to have a process, a plan, and roadmap. You need to do this in the presence of your mentor.

Mentors are important people in the lives of business owners. They will help you understand from their experience what risks are not worth taking and those you need to do. They help maintain accountability as well as give you the proper guidance needed to scale effectively . Rangel had to sell a part of his trucking company and focus on more lucrative opportunites like Forex and e-Commerce. He took time to study and master those industries.

In addition, stepping back sometimes can be a power move. It allows you to weigh your options and see things from a different perspective. This enables you to make more calculated decisions that will improve the results in your business.

Hence, working with a plan is always a good idea, just like Brandon Rangel. He recalculated his plans and focused on those that would be more lucrative and less risky.

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Here’s how Brandon Rangel battled bankruptcy and rose to success

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