Robert Potter the 20 Year Old Entrepreneur Shows Us His Rise to Success

It takes some people years to figure out what they want to do in life, but the same is not true for Robert Potter. He’s always had a go-getter attitude and let nothing stand in the way of reaching his goal. Though it’s taken a bit of time and withstood some devastating setbacks, the launch of Potter’s new company IMMU TECH INC. is now becoming a reality.

Robert Potter the 20 Year Old Entrepreneur Shows Us His Rise to Success

Seeing the Positive in Everything

Robert Potter’s story begins around the age of 13 or 14 when he sustained a knee injury during basketball practice. The doctor told him that he would be out somewhere between 8 and 16 weeks, and the eight weeks would only happen if everything went perfectly. But Robert had another idea.

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Thanks to what is now IMMU TECH’s B12 Super Supplement, he was healed and back to 100 percent in just over four weeks. At this moment, he realized the supplements were something like a miracle treatment and decided he would focus his future on improving other people’s lives with them.

And so it started.

Potter began selling supplements at IMG to a few of his friends and their parents for between $100 and $200 per package. It didn’t take long for word to spread like wildfire, and he began getting messages from the grandparents, aunts, uncles, friends, and lots of associates to see if they, too, could get some of the supplements.

As demand continued to increase along with the number of customers, he began receiving lots of recurring monthly orders, which is what paved the way for the subscription option available on the new website (not only do you receive supplements automatically each month, but you also get a nice discount). Eventually, though, Potter began to find it challenging to juggle a new business and being a student-athlete at IMG Academy. However, he couldn’t complain too much because he made more money than any other high schooler he knew. Yet, this is what also showed him just how lucrative the supplement market is since people of all types can benefit from taking them.

A Devastating Blow and The Process of Rebuilding

Potter’s devastating blow occurred when Hurricane Irma destroyed his manufacturer in 2017. They were located in the Bahamas and were obliterated by the powerful storm, and just like that, Potter’s business was done, at least for now.

While losing his manufacturer derailed his business, he didn’t let it stop him. He decided he was still young and needed to, first, focus on finishing out his studies and basketball career at IMG Academy. Then came the next chapter, which was attending Barry University. Since Potter’s business was in the process of rebuilding, he decided it was best to redshirt during his Freshman year. Rather than having to travel with the team for away games, he was able to stay home and focus on his business.

At this point, he decided it was time to polish up on his skills in which he did by joining an affiliate marketing program. The program provided Potter with the mentoring he needed to learn about operating an online business. Learning how to make money online seemed to come naturally to him, as he began earning $1,000 per day profit during his first month!

Soon, given the fact that he created a profitable online marketplace and perfected the skill of stock investing, the original owner of the supplement company turned it over to him and allowed him to start over from scratch.

So, while IMMU TECH is a new company launching next week, the supplements are far from new. In fact, these blends have been around since the early 1970s, so according to Potter, there’s been “50 years of researching, testing, and perfecting to bring our supplements to where they are now.”

Looking Toward the Future

Robert Potter is destined for big things. Though he came from a split family who was poor, he always had an edge, and this is what made Potter who he is today. Rather than allowing jealousy to overcome him, he used seeing his rich side of the family as motivation and inspiration to never stop chasing his dreams. After all, he was the 5’1”, 95lb freshman who had dreams of playing college basketball. Though everyone told him he’d never achieve that, he proved them all wrong after he grew to 6’2” and played basketball at Barry University!

Fast forward to now, Potter signed his first lease on an apartment at only 19-years old and recently ordered his dream car – a C8 Corvette. Furthermore, his IMMU TECH website is up and ready to go. He’s excited and patiently waiting for all the orders to start pouring in. We asked him about his best advice for others, and he said, “We, as humans, can achieve the impossible if we put our minds to it.”

So, with a dedication to health and wellbeing, while providing safe and effective products to his customers, Potter would like to introduce you to his new IMMU TECH website. There’s no doubt in his mind that you’ll find the supplements just as effective as he did!

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Robert Potter the 20 Year Old Entrepreneur Shows Us His Rise to Success

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