Tai Brown, an 18-Year-Old Entrepreneur’s Success Story Is a Great Push to Those Who Start From Scratch!

Tai Brown, an 18-year-old Entrepreneur born in Jamaica is an inspiration to those who dare to dream big. Tai is currently residing in the US since 2014 and is working every day on his dreams. He is an investor, forex trader, crypto enthusiast, upcoming musician and entrepreneur.

Tai Brown’s story of success is full of hardships. When he was in Jamaica, Tai Brown and his family were not financially stabke and would barely afford any clothing or food. His parents decided to send Tai to the US so that he can work well and change the family’s situation. When Tai moved to the US, he decided to get into Forex Trading. Today, he makes an average 90k a year and made 110k alone in 2020.

But Tai Brown didn’t immediately become a Forex Trader. It all started with doing different kinds of jobs over the years. When he was 16, Tai worked at Wendys. After some time, he quit the job and started investing in crypto currency. It was this decision that changed Tai’s life and he ventured into forex trading and stocks.

When Tai Brown ventured into Forex Trading, he had to tackle many challenges. He had to face the main challenge of losing money and not making money. Along with the little he used to earn in a day, another challenge was growing up in Philadelphia because of the crimes and bad influence. But Tai overcame everything and built a stronghold in his work with time.

Now, Tai Brown works hard every day to make a better and more successful tomorrow for himself. He wishes to own a successful business and real estate company. He still does forex trading. He wants to move to Los Angeles. Soon, he wants to start his YouTube channel where he can talk about his journey and success story of being an entrepreneur.

As someone who as started from scratch, Tai Brown has a good piece of advice to those who wish to be the boss in life one day. Tai says that a person should do what makes them happy. He wants people to understand that not everything is for everyone and it is important to be patientt and humble.

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Tai Brown, an 18-Year-Old Entrepreneur’s Success Story Is a Great Push to Those Who Start From Scratch!

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