The Story of Mr. Smith, Buying 20K Bitcoins at One Dollar

Bitcoin bought 20 thousand bitcoins even under $ 1; The story of a software engineer who became a millionaire and quit his job and went on a world tour. Anyone who is interested in the cryptocurrency world, who has an investment, or even no investment at all, wouldn’t want a Mr. Smith?

Our fairy tale cannot begin just because it is once upon a time. Because unlike other fairy tales, it does not go back centuries, but only 10 years ago. However, if the history of Bitcoin and cryptocurrencies is taken into account and how fast the technology has changed, 10 years can be worth centuries.

Mr. Smith, the protagonist of our modern fintech tale, was working in Silicon Valley before he became a millionaire thanks to his Bitcoin investment. Mr. Smith was a software engineer at a technology firm and loved both his job and his colleagues. “Have you heard of the thing called Bitcoin?” said. Mr. Smith had never heard of this thing called Bitcoin that would revolutionize the history of finance. His friends told Mr. Smith about Bitcoin for about a week. And during that time, Bitcoin has risen from $ 0.008 to $ 0.08.

Mr. Smith was impressed by this performance of Bitcoin and checked Bitcoin prices every day for several months. With the belief in bitcoin’s future potential, he wanted to better understand the technology behind crypto money before starting his investment. As Mr. Smith deepened his research and better understood the philosophy behind Bitcoin, he realized he belonged to this new world.

But at that time, there were neither analysts nor commentators giving investment advice. Mr. Smith was unsure of how much to invest and decided to start with $ 3,000. He bought 20 thousand Bitcoins, paying about $ 0.15 per bitcoin. At the time Mr. Smith invested, Bitcoin was not something known even in Silicon Valley.

Since the first day Mr. Smith invested, he felt it would be a long run, and although he had no idea where Bitcoin could bring him, he was excited. For the first time, he decided to follow Bitcoin prices not every day, but every 1-2 months.

Mr. Smith continued to work with his business in Silicon Valley until 2013, with $ 3,000 Bitcoin investment standing aside. Bitcoin increased in value in 2013 as it began to gain more media coverage and attention from more people. Smith says when Bitcoin starts to increase 10% or even more in just one day; He could not believe that he was being appreciated so quickly. In the face of this performance of Bitcoin, Mr. Smith was both nervous, afraid and confused. He could not predict what was going to happen.

When the bitcoin price gained more than 2,000 times the price he bought and reached $ 350, Mr. Smith decided to sell 2,000 of them. A few days later, the Bitcoin price was based on $ 800; Mr. Smith sold another 2 thousand. As the bitcoin price continues to rise exponentially, Mr. Smith found himself above $ 2.3 million in fortune. These ones were absolutely crazy; Mr. Smith quit his job and went on a world tour the following week.

Is Mr. Smith Real?

In 2017, Jordan Bishop from Forbes met with a man who claimed to be Mr. Smith and told Bishop the story above, in a restaurant on the 56th floor of a luxury hotel in Hong Kong. In the interview, Mr. Smith wanted his name to remain anonymous and explained that he has lived a very luxurious life with the wealth he has earned on Bitcoin for the last 4 years. He stated that he only flew first class, stayed in the most exclusive hotels all over the world and that he had been in Singapore, New York, Las Vegas, Monaco, Moscow, Zurich and Hong Kong only in the last month. How much of Mr. Smith’s story is not how much is true, of course it is unknown, but During their interview, Bishop confirmed that Mr. Smith had shown a wallet with 1 million BTC in it and reported this in his article.

Mr. Smith has become a legend, perhaps with his mysterious personality, perhaps with the life he lived and the choices he made after becoming a millionaire. In the cryptocurrency world, there are many people who are interested in digital currencies and dream of being like Mr. Smith. What if you want to be a Mr. Smith?

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The Story of Mr. Smith, Buying 20K Bitcoins at One Dollar

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